About the Author

My name is Alyssa Cooper - a writer of poetry, prose, literary fiction, and speculative fiction, I am eclectic to the last.

Born and raised in Belleville, Ontario, I'm currently living in Kingston with my personal library and a collection of vintage typewriters. I'm most often found writing in spiral notebooks, making my mark in the local spoken word scene, or rolling around on the floor with two cats and a Boston Terrier puppy. I'm the author of three novels, a short story collection, and a poetry collection - all of which can now be found on Shopify - and my body of work is always expanding.

Check out my store for the paperback editions of my novels and collections, as well as chapbook editions of my short stories that can't be found anywhere else. Follow me on Facebook to get notifications of local performances.


I'm also found tucked into other various corners of the internet: